SecureLogin and Identity Management

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012




Identity Management solutions that integrate with SecureLogin


SecureLogin includes an API that enable integration with identity management solutions including Novell, SUN, and IBM.

A sample integration could flow as follows:

  • A user account is created via the provisioning system
  • The provisioning system also creates accounts on the backend applications the user requires access to (e.g. Finance, HR)
  • The user’s application credentials are provisioned automatically without any user intervention (with SSO users normally have to enter their application credentials that are then encrypted and stored in the Directory for future use)
  • Users only require their network password (or smart card/PIN) to logon and SSO will handle logon to backend SSO enabled applications such as the Finance system and the Human Resources system.
  • If a password is changed by the IDM, the SSO credential store is also updated with the new password.