Error 0x80010105 executing LoadSSOData - Non SecureLoginError -2147417851

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin


SecureLogin load from directory fails

SecureLogin in offline mode

Error 0x80010105 executing LoadSSOData

Non SecureLogin Error(-2147417851): Unable to load SSO data: 0x80010105


This error typically indicates the user is not connected to the network or the offline cache cannot be accessed.  This can be caused by rights restrictions, or if the cache doesn’t exist on the local workstation.

Additional Information

The offline cache will only exist if the user has previously logged onto the workstation and started SecureLogin while connected to the network. When SecureLogin starts, it reads SecureLogin data including SSO enabled applications, settings, and application usernames and passwords from the Directory and creates the offline cache (assuming the option to create the offline cache is set to Yes.)

This error may also appear if the user is not connected to the network and the SSO administrator has configured SecureLogin to store the cache on the file server instead of the local hard disk (e.g. if they only want users to be able to run SecureLogin if they are network connected).