Evaluating SecureLogin in a live environment

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012




Why would I choose Novell SecureLogin for my SSO deployment?
Benefits of Novell SecureLogin
Advantages of NSL


In addition to out of the box support for many popular applications, SecureLogin includes powerful wizards and tools to Single Sign-on enable applications and web sites, such as those that are in-house developed or externally managed.

Because there are literally thousands of applications and web site logons, SecureLogin does not lock you in to a single way of enabling an application. It works with applications previously thought impossible to Single Sign-on enable.

Examples of ways SecureLogin can interact with your applications include: detecting and reading dialog boxes, messages, prompts, windows events, and application events; reading URLs, fields, drop down boxes, check boxes, HTML and text on web pages; decompiling Java; and interrogating HLLAPI dll’s and reading text to query terminal emulator screens.

Using SecureLogin, administrators can typically Single Sign-on enable logon to an application in a matter of minutes using the powerful wizards, and include error handling, password changes and password policies in less than fifteen minutes.

Since the Single Sign-on application definition can be associated with organizational units, organization, and/or group policy objects (in an Active Directory environment), Single Sign-on enabled applications can be made available to all users or selected users and/or groups in stages, versus an enterprise-wide deployment.  This allows an administrator to fully evaluate the product with a control group of users to see if it fulfills the business need.