Temporarily disable SecureLogin GPO support for troubleshooting

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 30-Oct-2014


Novell SecureLogin SSO


Is it possible to temporarily disable SecureLogin GPO support for troubleshooting?

Disable GPO support for NSL


To temporarily disable SecureLogin’s GPO support for a user logging on to a particular workstation (e.g. when troubleshooting) set the following registry setting:

Set it to 1 to disable SecureLogin’s GPO and 0 to enable GPO support.

To permanently disable SecureLogin’s GPO support on the workstation, GPO support should be removed from the workstation (it is installed as part of the SecureLogin package).

To disable it for an AD user, use standard Microsoft methods to remove the user from the group being applied the GPO.

Additional Information

SecureLogin can centrally publish SSO enabled applications a number of ways including GPO, OU or User objects.