Accessing an SSO enabled web site receives a 80070005 error

  • 7940445
  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


SecureLogin SSO


Accessing an SSO enabled web site receives a 80070005 error when accessing SSO enabled web site.


Set the following preference to "No" within the application definition of the web site you are experiencing the error when accessing;

Allow web page to load while Application Definition is running

Additional Information

This issue does not appear when the web site specific option ""Allow web page to load while Application Definition is running"" is set to No. With this set to No, SecureLogin waits for active content on the page to be fully loaded before SecureLogin application definitions will start. Setting this option to Yes is necessary to enable a relatively minor number of sites but can be set to No for the majority of web based logins.

The reason this preference (allow parallel IE/SSO execution) was added to SecureLogin is to allow sign in to some unusual web sites, where the web page would not display important information until after the OnDocumentComplete message is sent to SecureLogin.

Javascript on a web page always runs after the OnDocumentComplete event is sent to SSO, and this meant that SSO would only detect text and fields which were present before the javascript had run. This was not a problem for 99% of web sites, but the occasional site would have a javascript scrolling ticker for example which contained some unique information that identified that page as a login page. To gain access to the page after the javascript is run, we added this application definition preference.

With the flag set to No, SSO will run the script as soon as OnDocumentComplete is received from Internet Explorer. With the flag set to Yes, SSO will allow IE to keep updating the page while the script is running.