Variables are being displayed in the incorrect order

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


SecureLogin SSO


Variables are prompted in the incorrect order.

If a user navigates to an internet banking site and SecureLogin prompts the user for the password, then username, instead of username followed by password.


SecureLogin parses the application definition and creates a list of the variables mentioned in order from top to bottom of the script. When the variables are called, SecureLogin uses the list that was created, which is the order of those variables that appeared in the script.

There are two solutions that can be implemented to resolve this issue so that the variables appear in the correct order.

1. Re -arrange the script so the Login section (or any section with the Username above the Password) is at the top of the entire script, so that when SecureLogin parses the script it reads the username then password variable, as the username will be populated first on the login screen


2. Insert the following lines at the top of the script.

If 0 eq 1 
 Type $Username
 Type $Password

The script above will never be executed as it is a false statement. This is purely so when SecureLogin parses the entire script, it reads the if statement first and reads the variables in the correct order.