Error: This user data is not accessible Error: -260

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin


Attempting to view SSO data using the SecureLogin MMC snapin, an error appears:

This user’s data is not accessible. Error: -260


Issue 1: Active Directory schema has not been extended with the new attributes to store SSO data.

Issue 2: Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and has not had the utilities run to synchronize AD with ADAM.

Issue 3: Passphrase has not been set for the user. A user must have launched SecureLogin at least once in order to view their SSO preferences and administer them via MMC (since the key for encryption also encrypts all of their preferences etc.)

Issue 4: Administrator has disabled Single Sign-on for the user and disabled the passphrase security system.


Issue 1: Run ADSSchema.exe to extend the Directory Schema or reinstall SecureLogin in Standalone mode to evaluate the product without extending the schema (but you lose Directory management, functionality and storage).

Issue 2: This issue can also occur if you have installed SecureLogin in ADAM mode but have not run AdamConfig.exe to configure your ADAM instance (e.g. Extend ADAM Schema, synchronize data between AD and ADAM etc.).

Issue 3: Ask the user to logon and start SecureLogin.

Issue 4: Enable SSO (set Disable single sign-on to No) and logon as the user. Once ASL has loaded (and generated a random key on the user’s behalf instead of prompting them for a passphrase), you can view the data against their user object.

Additional Information

SecureLogin reads SSO data from the Directory. If you configure applications and preferences in the Directory, they will be applied to the appropriate users (e.g. via GPO or OU hierarchy).

Configuration is made at the OU or GPO level and inherited by users for easy management. Changes can be made to a user object (if required) once SecureLogin is deployed.