SecureLogin does not successfully start in a citrix environment or with users that are using Roaming or Mandatory Profiles

  • 7940424
  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin


SecureLogin not to start when logging on to multiple workstations simultaneously.

SecureLogin does not start with roaming or mandatory profiles


Depending which SecureLogin version you have installed, insert the correct registry key below for SecureLogin to operate correctly in a roaming/mandatory profile environment or citrix or terminal services environment.

Registry key for SecureLogin version 3.5:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES/SOFTWARE/Protocom/ SecureLogin/UseCryptProtectData=0

Registry key for SecureLogin version 6.x and above:


Additional Information

SecureLogin versions 3.5 and above use the Microsoft DPAPI to encrypt ?sys credentials. However, logging onto multiple workstations simultaneously or the use of roaming/mandatory profiles have trouble using the DPAPI to encrypt/decrypt the ?sys credentials.