Must SecureLogin be installed on the domain controller itself?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


SecureLogin SSO


Installing SecureLogin on an Active Directory domain controller and being prompted to restart the server. 

Where can SecureLogin be installed from?


The Administrator had selected the option to install SecureLogin Group Policy support during product installation so they could add applications and set preferences via Microsoft Group Policies.

To administer SecureLogin data via GPO’s, you must reboot any workstation or domain controller where you install SecureLogin.

Additional Information

Note: In SecureLogin version 5 and later, you do not need to install and run SecureLogin on any domain controller, even when extending the Directory schema. The files that are required for extending the schema and assigning rights are supplied with adsschema.exe. Data will still be stored in Active Directory but you do not need to install the SecureLogin client on domain controllers.

You can administer SecureLogin (including GPO support) using any workstation running Active Directory Users and Computers (mmc snapin) and SecureLogin.