SecureLogin slow to load when accessing icon in system tray and slow to enter passwords into password fields

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 24-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO
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Customer testing SecureLogin observed the following;

  • When accessing the SecureLogin icon in the system tray, the message ""SecureLogin is loading your SSO data. Please Wait…"" appears for approximately 15 seconds and SecureLogin is slow to load.
  • When an SSO enabled application the user does NOT have a password stored for appears, there is a delay of approximately 6 seconds before the SecureLogin prompt requesting the user’s password appears (the prompt that appears so SecureLogin can ""learn"" the user’s password)
  • When an SSO enabled application the user HAS a password stored for appears, there is a delay of approximately 6 seconds before SecureLogin enters the password in the password field and logs on.

The customer checked the application definitions (formerly called scripts) for obvious causes of delays (such as the Delay command) but everything looked OK.

Active Directory is running OK and the PC is generally fast on other tasks.

The customer could not establish why SecureLogin was running slowly.



The customer had enabled logging using the SecureLogin debugging using the SL Logging Manager tool (available from support).

With debugging enabled, SecureLogin logs information to ssodebug.txt. It is typically used for debugging and troubleshooting and should only be enabled if requested by support, and should be TURNED OFF once data has been gathered.

The customer had forgotten to turn debugging off once they had gathered the data. When SecureLogin was reading and writing SSO data and parsing application definitions (formerly called scripts), it was logging all activity to a log file that had grown to more than 50 megabytes. While SecureLogin was writing information to the file it ran slowly.


Customer disabled logging using SL Logging Manager.