"Error 0x800706be executing LoadSSOData" when SecureLogin attempted to load.

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 17-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO



User logged onto the workstation and received ""Error 0x800706be executing LoadSSOData"" when SecureLogin attempted to load.



Searching the web for Windows error 800706be provides information about the cause of the error, typically relating to failure in RPC calls between the client and the server.

This error typically indicates there are network issues preventing synchronization between the local cache and the Directory, or there is a problem writing to the cache (e.g. rights, corruption).

The customer logged onto another workstation and did not have any problems. This indicated something was wrong with the workstation (or network connection).

Customer checked their workstation configuration and network connectivity and it seemed fine.

There appeared to be an issue with the SecureLogin cache on the local hard disk of the workstation.


The customer manually deleted the SecureLogin cache, in this case stored under;

C:\Documents and Settings\UserID\Application Data\SecureLogin\Cache\V3SLC

and rebooted the workstation. The problem went away and SecureLogin operated as expected.