What is the purpose of using the keyword password at the end of Type $Password commands

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What is the purpose of using the keyword password at the end of Type $Password commands in web application definitions, for example, Type $Password password



The command is for web pages only. It does not perform any function in other application types (e.g. Windows, Terminal etc.). It identifies which field on the page is the password field and enters the password into it. It also instructs SecureLogin to submit the page.

For example, the following application definition (formerly called script) would find the password field on the page and enter the value of $Password in that field, and the value of $Username in the field above it on the web page, then submit the form.

Type $Username 
Type $Password password

Web programmers typically define the password field as the password type. SecureLogin commands easily help you identify this. If you add the following commands to the top of your application connector for the site you are enabling;

DumpPage ?Page 
MessageBox ?Page

The MessageBox will display Field elements on the web page and you can easily view which field is;

""Type: password""

The following example demonstrates another way often used to enter passwords into web fields. It enters the Username into the first field and the Password into the second, then submits the page. You should test to see which method meets your requirements.

Type $Username #1 
Type $Password #2

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