I want to use SecureLogin to prevent users running games and perform other "cool solutions". Is this possible?

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I want to use SecureLogin to prevent users running games and perform other ""cool solutions"". Is this possible?



SecureLogin is a powerful application and can be used for more than Single Sign-on to applications. People are always coming up with novel ways of applying the power and flexibility of the product.

Some of the cool ways SecureLogin has been implemented (over and above SSO enabling applications) include;

  • If a certain URL appears (e.g. hotmail.com) the user is redirected to the organization’s home page and a warning message appears. In this way, customers have used SecureLogin to govern access to Internet sites.
  • Using the KillApp command to watch for certain executables e.g. SOL.EXE (Solitaire) and if the executable appears, a warning message appears advising the user games are not permitted, and the application is shutdown. The following windows application connector (formerly called scripts) named SOL.EXE was added to the user’s container.
# Application: SOL.EXE # # Description: Solitaire - Detect and Kill if users run it #
# Type: Windows # 
Dialog Title ""Solitaire"" 
Class ""Solitaire"" 
KillApp ""SOL.EXE"" 
MessageBox ""You are not authorized to run games. An alert has been sent to the management console and further action may be taken if you continue to attempt to run games in the future.""
  • Using the Run command to self heal an SSO enabled application. SecureLogin was used to detect ""error message 102R"" and then run a batch file in the background to resolve problems with the application, further reducing support calls in the organization.
  • Using SecureLogin to read and fill fields in Hospital systems to save data entry time. For example, date and time information was added by SecureLogin to appropriate fields if the records officer clicked on pages where that information is required.
  • Using SecureLogin to detect whether the user logged on using a smart card or a password and react accordingly. In one organization, if a user does not logon with their smart card, SSO is not available.
  • Using SecureLogin to natively install software packages (clicking on Next buttons etc.)

The are many other cool ways you can use SecureLogin, these are just some examples.