Are there any tips for deciphering -214* error codes?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
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Are there any tips for deciphering -214* error codes?



SecureLogin includes some obscure error codes such as -2147016656. If you receive a -214* error code in the ADS schema extension tool or any part of SecureLogin for that matter, you can perform the following tasks to help make sense of them;

  • Open Calculator (in Scientific mode)
  • Enter the error code (including the minus ""-"" sign)
  • Press the Enter key and you should see the error in the display including the ""minus"" sign.
  • Press the Hex radio button on the calculator
  • Click the ""And"" button on the calculator
  • Type FFFFFFFF (8 F’s)
  • Press Enter.

This will give you the 16 bit number, which is the actual Windows error code.

For example SecureLogin error -2147016656 results in Windows error code 80072030. Check to find out it means ""There is no such object on the server"".