Do you have any documents to help me produce a business case for implementing SecureLogin?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
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SecureLogin SSO



Do you have any documents to help me produce a business case for implementing SecureLogin?



The main benefits of deploying SecureLogin Single Sign-on include;

Benefits of SSO

  • Saves time and money by significantly reducing the number of password related support calls, such as forgotten passwords and locked accounts.
  • Saves time for users by providing faster logons without users having to remember and enter passwords
  • Provides improved client services by making sure systems are available for client transactions (frustrated clients and lost business to competitors when client transactions could not be processed due to ""forgotten passwords"");
  • Increases security by reducing the number of passwords users have to remember. Since they are stored by SSO, application passwords can be more complex (e.g. ^&76gyhWtG) and users cannot write them down, share them, or know them once they leave your organization.
  • Align Information Technology initiatives with auditing and legislative requirements.
  • When used in conjunction with devices such as smart cards, biometrics and tokens, provide strong authentication to the Directory, applications, and even at the transaction level (e.g. require smart card and PIN to print from a sensitive database).
  • Improve productivity and reduce user frustration by creating a more user friendly and efficient desktop environment; and
  • Provides IT solutions that assist in achieving, rather than hindering, core business objectives.

Contact your account manager for more information. Other documents exist such as SecureLogin’s market leading approach to Single Sign-on, as opposed to other vendors.