Does the SecureLogin offline cache expire?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 16-Jan-2014


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Does the SecureLogin Single Sign-On offline cache expire?



If it has been enabled by the SSO administrator, the offline cache downloads SecureLogin data from the directory and encrypts and stores it on the hard disk of the local workstation/notebook. The cache contains SecureLogin configuration information including password policies, user credentials, SSO enabled applications and settings, and means SecureLogin can operate even if you are disconnected from the network.

To ensure users regularly update their cache, previous versions of SecureLogin set a mandatory expiration timeframe of seven days from last cache update. The current version of SecureLogin does not include a mandatory cache expiry, primarily to cater for mobile users who are not always able to connect to their directory within seven days.

Expiry dates can be modified on the end user workstation/notebook using the Registry Editor.

Note: You must have access to Regedit to perform this task.

Edit the following key


DWORD Value CacheExpiryDays

The value data is number of days. Do not enter 0 (zero) as the cache will expire immediately on refresh.

The cache expiry period will apply after the next cache/directory synchronization, or the next time SecureLogin loads.