SecureLogin flashes and appears to load but the icon does not appear in the system tray and SSO does not seem to be running

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 16-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO
All Versions
Active Directory



Customer using SecureLogin in ADS mode changed some SecureLogin settings using the MMC Snap-in.

Although SecureLogin appeared to load (the start up banner flashed) SSO did not run. There were no errors or warnings and no icon appeared in the system tray.

The customer checked whether the setting to display the system tray icon was set to yes, which it was. They also restarted the workstation to ensure it wasn’t a windows problem.

The customer checked task manager but slproto.exe, slwinsso.exe and slbroker.exe did not appear in the list of running processes.



Disable Single Sign-On was set on the user object. When this option is set to yes, SecureLogin starts and unloads.


Set ""Disable Single Sign-On"" to No. SecureLogin then loads properly.