SSO enabling web sites such as Internet Banking

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 16-Jan-2014


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How can I get SecureLogin Single Sign-On to log me onto web sites such as my Internet Banking?



SecureLogin comes with powerful wizards that help you SSO enable web sites such as Internet Mail (Yahoo, Hotmail etc.), Internet Banking, Air Miles/Frequent Flyer clubs etc. SecureLogin works with Internet Banking websites the same as it does with any other websites.

The SecureLogin wizard can be used to automatically create an application definition. To invoke the Wizard, browse to the site you wish to enable, logon as usual, and if enabled, SecureLogin SSO will automatically start the Wizard to SSO enable the site.

If the wizard does not start, under settings, verify that Add applications prompts for Internet Explorer is set to Yes.

If you do use SSO to enable Internet Banking, be aware you will quickly forget your password because SecureLogin makes things easy and remembers it for you. If you go on holiday or attempt to access Internet Banking from a workstation that doesn’t have SecureLogin installed, you will need to know your password to logon manually.

SSO Administrators should be careful about which applications they SSO enable because users don’t think about what might happen if they web site is down, what happens if they change their password, share their workstation with others (e.g. laptop their partner or children sometimes use) etc.

Note: When SSO enabling applications containing sensitive data, you should consider using Advanced Authentication methods such as fingerprint login or smartcard and PIN to access them. The user experience would be to launch the application and scan their fingerprint or enter their smart card and PIN before an application would logon.

For example, SecureLogin could ask you for a fingerprint or smart card and PIN before allowing logon to Internet Banking or Hotmail, even though Internet Banking or Hotmail knows nothing about fingerprint logon and do not require any changes.