Do I have to backup SecureLogin SSO data in case of disaster?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
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Do I have to backup SecureLogin SSO data in case of disaster?



Since SecureLogin data is stored in the Directory, you don’t need to setup special backup routines or administer a separate Directory for SSO data. By backing up the Directory, existing backups also backup all SSO data.

For example, your existing backup routine that backs up your ADS or eDirectory infrastructure will automatically backup SSO data. The SSO data is just another part of the Directory.

In addition, an offline copy of your SecureLogin SSO data, including application logon credentials, is kept in your locally encrypted cache on the hard disk. If the whole network fell over but the application servers were available, you could SSO to your applications using the offline SecureLogin cache.

Note: In standalone mode of SecureLogin (which is not Directory enabled) you can backup and restore SSO data using the system tray icon Advanced Menu.

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