What are SLLauncher.Exe and ProLauncher.Exe used for in a Citrix environment?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
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I am configuring SecureLogin in a Citrix Metaframe environment and I understand I have to use SLLauncher.Exe (previously called ProLauncher.Exe) to SSO enable published applications. What is SLLauncher? What does it do and how do I use it?



SLLauncher.Exe is a utility that allows published applications to be run from a Citrix server. When an application is SSO enabled, SLLauncher starts SecureLogin (SLProto.exe and SLBroker.Exe) and ensures SSO communicates via the Citrix channel to recognise SSO enabled applications and retrieve and enter credentials. It is used as follows:


For example:

C:Program FilesActivIdentitySecureLoginSLLauncher.Exe C:LotusNotesnlnotes.exe
  • SLLauncher.Exe will execute SLProto.Exe and SLBroker.Exe.
  • Once SLProto.Exe has initialized, any SecureLogin Startup application definitions are run.
  • The application specified in the command line is started, in this case nlnotes.exe.
  • SLLauncher waits for the process (nlnotes.exe) to end.
  • Once it has detected the process has ended, SLLauncher.Exe shuts down SLProto.Exe and SLBroker.Exe and disconnects the ICA channel.

SLLauncher includes support for several switches. These switches are:

  • /w Specifies another process to wait for before closing SecureLogin SSO.
  • /d This is a debug option. If defined it will generate a debug log file, C:SLLauncher.log, showing the progress and any errors while running SLLauncher.