Customizing the prompt for username and password entry

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 15-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO
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When a user runs an SSO enabled application for the first time, SecureLogin prompts them to enter their username and password for the application. It comes up with a basic message I want to customize.



SecureLogin is extremely customizable and flexible. You can customize the main message and variable names SecureLogin displays using the SetPrompt command. You can also customize what the user sees when the DisplayVariables command is executed.

You should use the SetPrompt command to make your dialog boxes as descriptive as possible. You can even advise users the phone number to call if they are having problems.

SetPrompt is particularly useful when localizing messages in different languages. You can write your messages in whatever language you like and they will be displayed to the user in that format.

As a general rule, a SetPrompt above a variable name will customize the prompt for the entry of that variable, while the bottom/last SetPrompt in the script will be the main message that appears. For example (this is the section of the application definition that contains SetPrompts, it is not a complete definition);

SetPrompt ""Enter Username:"" 

Type $Username #1001 

SetPrompt ""Enter Password:"" 

Type $Password #1002 

Click #1 

SetPrompt ""Please enter your credentials to logon to the Finance system.""