How does SSO differ from web pages that ask to remember my password?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 08-Jan-2014


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How does SSO differ from web pages that ask to remember my password?



Some people ask if SSO is the same as choosing the check box ""Remember my password"" that comes standard on some web pages. Simply ticking the box may bypass the logon screen temporarily but it is not a real SSO solution.

It is not encrypted, is not stored in the Directory, and cannot be managed. It also doesn’t handle password changes, account locks etc. while SecureLogin handles any event or message.

For example, if you have asked for your password to be remembered in this way, if you logon from another computer that doesn’t have access to the file that holds your password using the ""Remember my password"" method, chances are you will have forgotten your password because you haven’t entered it for so long and will be locked out of the site or application.

SecureLogin keeps your password stored and encrypted in the Directory so it is always available and is secure. SecureLogin also provides mobility and manages password changes, and can provide extra features such as auditing events, 2 factor authentication before permitting SSO to the web site, transaction re-authentication etc.

Remembering the password is the easy part, SecureLogin provides far more functionality that sets it apart from other SSO vendors and approaches.