There are literally millions of web sites in the world. How does SecureLogin Single Sign-on support multiple websites?

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There are literally millions of web sites in the world. How does SecureLogin Single Sign-On support multiple websites?



SecureLogin comes with a powerful wizard that can SSO enable web based applications with embedded logon fields (e.g. logon fields within the page such as those you see on the hotmail site).

Other sites that pop up the Internet Explorer authentication window can be SSO enabled by adding the IEXPLORE.EXE predefined application definition.

SecureLogin supports multiple sites by saving credentials under their own platform using the SetPlat command. E.g. The username and password for is saved separately from the username and password for etc.

This means you can have unlimited web site support and can enable all web sites accessed via the Internet Explorer authentication windows. The following reads whatever site appears on the authentication windows and sets the site (e.g. as a new platform.

Note: The section of the script below applies to web sites that logon using the Internet Explorer authentication window, not sites with password fields embedded in the actual web page.


# Windows 2000 Pop Up Authentication Logon Prompt #================================================== 

Dialog Title ""Enter Network Password""

Ctrl #1218 

Ctrl #1219 

Ctrl #1041 



# Read the site (#1041 ID) so the same script will work for multiple sites 

# SetPlat saves the Username and Password under the site name #=========================================================== 

SetPlat #1041 ""(.*)""

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