What is Login Watch (LoginWatch.Exe) and what is it used for?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
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What is Login Watch (LoginWatch.Exe) and what is it used for?



LoginWatch is a tool that aids SSO administrators wishing to publish SSO enabled applications using SecureLogin Single Sign-On. The program produces a log file (C:watch.txt) which lists all necessary information SecureLogin can see e.g. Titles, Classes, Dialog IDs even if it occurs in the background (and therefore can’t be seen by the Wizard or Window Finder) and it is especially useful for SSO enabling in house developed and/or bespoke applications.

Note: SecureLogin Single Sign-On must be shut down prior to launching LoginWatch, as an exception will occur if they are run at the same time.

Using LoginWatch:

  1. Ensure SecureLogin is closed.
  2. Launch LoginWatch.exe
  3. When promoted, enter the .exe filename of the module you wish to monitor (e.g. to watch c:\windows\notepad.exe, enter notepad.exe as the module name). Hint: By entering "all" as the exe name, LoginWatch will log details of all windows that are created.
  4. Click Start.
  5. Start the application being "watched" and perform the task you would eventually like to emulate with SecureLogin. The dialog box information will be added to c:\watch.txt in real time.
  6. Stop LoginWatch, and view the log file.
  7. Start SecureLogin if desired.

The information in the log file is presented in the following format:

Time || Module Name || Window Handle || Window Text || Class Name || Parent || Visible Flag, Title Flag || Control ID#

  • Time - The milliseconds elapsed since the recorder was started.
  • Module Name - The name of the executable that created the window.
  • Window Handle - The unique identifier of that instance of the window.
  • Window Text - The text of the window. In edit boxes this is the contents, in buttons this is the label, and in windows that have titles, this is the title.
  • Class Name - The name of the window class.
  • Parent - The window handle of the parent window.
  • Visible Flag - Is set on top level windows that have the Style Visible set.
  • Title Flag - Is set on top level windows that have the Style Title set.
  • Control ID - The unique identifier of that control in the program.

Note: The watch.txt file is appended to so you might want to clear it before "watching" an application to avoid confusion.