User stores invalid "passwords" when SSO is learning credentials

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 08-Jan-2014


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What happens if the user enters invalid credentials when SecureLogin Single Sign-On ""learns"" their username and password? Will they be stored invalid and fail logon and need to be corrected by IT support?



One of the many strengths of SecureLogin is that it can see any message, prompt or dialog box that is displayed, and respond as you see fit. It has been developed with minimizing support costs in mind so the user shouldn’t have to contact IT support until they have exhausted all avenues.

For example, if a user stores an invalid username and/or password when they first enter them so SecureLogin can remember them in future, SecureLogin can detect the application error message and display the invalid credential to the user.

If the invalid credential is a password, it is displayed in the format ********* or it can be cleared so the user has to enter it from scratch. When the user corrects the credential, SecureLogin can be configured to automatically retry logon.

SecureLogin can also set a counter to check the number of failed logons to applications that would otherwise lock accounts, and notify the user to contact the administrator before the account locks, further reducing Helpdesk costs. It could even send an SNMP alert, display a warning or close applications based on the number of failed logons.

SecureLogin is extremely flexible and customizable and can do things many organizations thought impossible for an SSO solution. For example, SecureLogin can read an application error message and launch the IT pages on the Intranet to advise the user exactly what they were doing wrong if they failed logon multiple times, or self heal the application by running a batch file etc.