Terminal Emulator configuration disappeared after re-installing SecureLogin

  • 7940152
  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 07-Jan-2014


SecureLogin SSO
All Versions
MS AD, LDAP, NT4, Citrix, Terminal Services



Customer had added some custom emulators and edited some of the predefined emulators using SecureLogin’s Terminal Launcher module. They uninstalled and reinstalled SecureLogin Single Sign-On on their workstation. When they started SecureLogin, they noticed their Terminal Emulator configuration changes were gone. Any Terminal Emulators they had defined had disappeared from the list and SSO to their emulators stopped working.



Terminal Launcher is the module that handles Terminal Emulator SSO e.g. Logon to an IBM Mainframe using WRQ Reflections, IBM Personal Communicator, Eicon Aviva, Telnet etc. Changes made via Terminal Launcher are saved to

C:\Program Files\ActivIdentity\SecureLogin\TLaunch.ini

When SecureLogin is installed over an existing version, by default, the TLaunch.ini file is copied to TLaunch.bak and the default TLaunch.ini is installed. In this case, the customer’s TLaunch.ini was over written with the default TLaunch.ini file.


You should cater for this when installing the software by backing up a copy of TLaunch.ini yourself, and copying it back once installation is complete.

For corporate deployment, your software distribution package should NOT overwrite the file, or should include the TLaunch.ini file with all emulators configured.