How to add SecureLogin MMC snap-ins post installation

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL - All Versions
MS Active Directory



The customer installed SecureLogin on a workstation but did not select the option to install the Admin Tools that are required to manage SecureLogin. They now want to manage SecureLogin (e.g. SSO enabling applications and making settings determining SecureLogin’s behavior such as whether users can view the icon, whether they can change settings etc.) but the SecureLogin snapin does not appear in MMC on the workstation.



When installing SecureLogin, you must select the option to ""Install Admin Tools"" during installation if you want to install and register the MMC snapin to manage SecureLogin. When the option is selected, ssommc.dll is copied to the workstation and regsvr32 is automatically run on the file to register the snapin.

Organizations should create an ""SSO administrator"" client package that automatically installs the admin tools.


To view the SecureLogin Snapin in MMC, the customer shutdown MMC, selected ""Modify"" in control panel, and selected to install the Admin Tools..

If this has been performed but for some reason you still can’t see the snapin, register the DLL manually by clicking Start -> Run and typing;

regsvr32 ssommc.dll

Click OK to register it.