Enabling SSO Logon to a web page when Submit, Click #1 and Type "N" not working

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


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MS AD, LDAP, NT4, Citrix, Terminal Services



Customer enabled a web application using SecureLogin. They are able to automatically enter data into the username and password fields but it won’t logon. The only way they could logon was to click manually with the mouse.

They tried the following methods to logon without success;

  • Submit (submits the form)
  • Type ""N"" (types Enter)
  • Type -Raw \N (types Enter)
  • Click #1 (click the ""Logon"" button)



All web sites are written differently, there are literally millions in the world. Most web sites can be enabled using the methods described above. However, to logon to this site, the ""GoToURL"" command was issued.


Customer viewed the source of the page and confirmed the Java script behind the ""Logon"" button. They held the mouse over the button and verified it in the bottom left hand corner of the IE status bar (at the bottom of the screen in IE).

The GoToURL command was used to logon as per the following script (the script is the complete script).

# Invalid Username and/or Password message # 
# Prompt the user to verify it and retry logon #
If ""Login Failed."" -In ?FinServText DisplayVariables ""You have an invalid Username and/or Password. Please verify your credentials and click OK to retry logon."" $Username $Password 
Type $Username #1 Type $Password #2  
GotoURL ""javascript: startApp(3)""
#=======# # Login # #=======# 
If ""Login"" -In ?FinServText 
Type $Username #1 Type $Password #2  
GotoURL ""javascript: startApp(3)""
SetPrompt ""Please enter your credentials to logon to the Finance web site.""