-603 Errors appear in ssodebug.txt log file

  • 7940105
  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


SecureLogin SSO
All Versions
Novell Netware, eDirectory


Customer with SecureLogin in a Novell Directory environment enabled the SecureLogin Single Sign-On diagnostic log on a user’s workstation by navigating to the user’s object using ConsoleOne and selecting the option to ""Activate the diagnostics log file"".

Error -603 appears in the ssodebug.txt (the file created in when logging is on) and they want to know if it is something to be concerned about.


SecureLogin log files contain advanced debugging information and should only be analyzed by support staff (to avoid this kind of confusion).

Check support.novell.com for more information on -603 errors.

Additional Information

Root Cause

NDS Error -603 (attribute not found as per Novell error codes documentation available at support.novell.com) is an expected ""return code"" if no data is stored in the SecureLogin SSO attributes. -603 errors will appear in the log when attributes such as""Prot SSO: Security Prefs"", which is typically empty, contain no data.

Example section of log file below:

01/10/03 15:59:09 Module: 4 Severity: 0 RC: -603 Reloading NDS scripts from CN=Joe.OU=US.O=Marketing.T=BIG: -603