Error -602 starting Netware Administrator on workstation with SecureLogin installed

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


SecureLogin SSO
All Versions
Novell Netware, eDirectory


Individual using Novell Directory as SSO data store with SecureLogin running in eDirectory mode on a Windows XP SP1 workstation, but they receive -602 errors when they start SecureLogin.


To resolve the problem, remove all data in the Prot: SSO* attributes of the user object. This can be done using a third party program such as NDSSnoop.exe.

All SecureLogin data for the object including usernames and passwords for applications will be lost once the data in attributes is deleted. The user will have to set their passphrase and enter their application credentials as if they were a first time user of SSO.

Warning: NDSSnoop should only be used by an experienced system administrator.

Additional Information

Root Cause

Error -602 ""No Such value"" is a Novell eDirectory error code. Please refer to the Novell website for more information,

Error -602 can occur when some data in the Prot:SSO* attributes of the user object e.g. Prot: Auth, Prot: SSO Entry, Prot: SSO Profile has become corrupt. When the user tries to access SecureLogin SSO (e.g. when they start the client on their workstation) they will receive a -602 error.