Error -222 running IBM Client Access with Terminal Launcher

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


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MS AD, LDAP, NT4, Citrix, Terminal Services


Customer is using IBM Client Access and is SSO enabling it using Terminal Launcher. They are using similar settings as IBM Personal Communicator (changed the exe path etc.) but are receiving the following error when the emulator loads:

Error loading DLL file. Please ensure the DLL file exists in the path or the emulator’s HomeDir: -222

The TLaunch.Ini file contains the following configuration:

------------[IBM Personal Communications1] TerminalType=HLLAPI HllapiDLLName=C:\Program Files\IBM\ClientAccess\Emulator\pcshll32.dll HllapiFunctionName=hllapi HomeDirectory=C:\Program Files\ IBM\ClientAccess\Emulator\ EmulatorPath=C:\Program Files\ IBM\ClientAccess\Emulator\pcsws.exe SessionFile01=""C:\Program Files\ IBM\ClientAccess\Emulator\private\mainframe.WS"" ------------


Root Cause

IBM Personal Communicator and IBM Client Access are not the same applications and use different HLLAPI files. Error -222 typically occurs when you have the wrong HLLAPI Function Name, wrong HLLAPI DLL file, or it can’t be located in the directory specified.


Configure the Client Access as per the following - note the HLLAPI name and the use of short file names.

------------[IBM Client Access 5.x] TerminalType=HLLAPI EmulatorPath=C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\pcsws.exe HllapiFunctionName=HLLAPI HllapiDLLName=C:\Progra~1\IBM\Client~1\Emulator\ehlapi32.dll HomeDirectory=C:\Progra~1\IBM\Client~1\Emulator SessionFile01=C:\Progra~1\IBM\Client~1\Emulator\Private\ ------------