Cost Allocation report fails when attempting to assess 2000 servers

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  • 09-Jul-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Applies to: PowerRecon 3.3


This article discusses an issue which may occur when attempting to generate a “Cost Allocation” report that includes more then 2000 servers. When generating the report you may encounter the following error message.





When generating a Cost Allocation Report for more then 2000 Servers using PowerRecon 3.3 you may receive a PlateSpin.Service.exe - Application Error message (shown above) and the PowerRecon Service “PowerRecon Service 3.3” will stop.


In addition to this when reviewing the logs for the report generation task you may see the following error



This is a limitation of the Postgres Driver and retrieving large amounts of data from the database server.




1.       Change the raters from hourly to weekly/monthly.


2.       Change the filter for the allocation report to retrieve less data


3. Split the machines into multiple groups and run the reports using one group at a time.