P2V Conversions to XEN Server may fail at Creating Virtual Machine due to licensing on the XEN Server

  • 7921078
  • 09-Jun-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


P2V or V2V conversion to a XEN based virtual server


This article discusses an issue which may occur when trying to perform a P2V or V2V conversion to a XEN based virtual server. The conversion job may enter a recoverable error state at "Creating Virtual Machine" and you receive the following error message on the XEN Virtual Server.



PowerConvert 7.0 and above allows for a XEN based virtual server to be used as a target for a P2V or V2V job. XEN based virtual servers require a license to be installed on the XEN Server prior to creating or managing any virtual machine state.



PowerConvert does not check the status of the XEN license prior to configuring a job, as such if the XEN Server does not have a license installed prior to configuring the job, the job may fail with the above error.