Configuring a BES Server to Allow BlackBerry Users to Remotely Manage the Forge Appliance

  • 7921061
  • 28-Apr-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Forge 1.0 and higher


This article outlines some of the additional configuration steps that need to be performed on the BES server in order to allow users to remotely manage the Forge Appliance using their BlackBerries.


In order to be able to remotely manage your Forge Appliance remotely through a BlackBerry device, some additional configuration needs to be performed on the BES server in order to allow the authentication required by the Forge Management Website to work correctly.  As well it is necessary that the BES server have routable access to your Forge.

NOTE: Please consult with your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator before making any of the below changes.

1- Open your BlackBerry Manager, and select <BlackBerry_Enterprise_Server_name>_MDS-CS_1

2- Select "HTTP" under the "Properties" section, and set the "Support HTTP Authentication" to "True", click "Ok"

3- Under the "TLS/HTTPS" section, ensure that the "Allow Untrusted HTTPS Connections" option is set to "True", click "Ok"

5- Restart the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service.


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