Error "“Category Does Not Exist: Network Packetspersecond and BytesTotalPerSecond”

  • 7921012
  • 07-Dec-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


PowerRecon v2.0 and higher



The following article discusses an error in PowerRecon which may occur if a system being monitored does not have specific network counters enabled. The error listed below will appear in the monitoring logs for the server in question.

“Category Does Not Exist: Network Packetspersecond and BytesTotalPerSecond”





PlateSpin PowerRecon gathers performance metrics from windows based systems using remote performance monitor counters. Some specific counters are required in order for PowerRecon to run any consolidation planning scenarios.

You may receive the above error message if the PerfNet counter group is disabled on the system in question.

To enable this counter group please use the Microsoft Resource Kit utility exctrlst.exe.

Please review the knowledge base article listed below for instructions on how to enable counters using exctrlst.exe.

7921011 - HOWTO: How to enable performance monitor counters in Windows 2000 and 2003