Generating Chargeback report returns blank RateName,RaterType, Description fields.

  • 7921001
  • 02-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


PowerRecon 3.1 and above



This article discusses an issue that may occur when trying to generate a chargeback report in PowerRecon 3.1 and above. When generating the chargeback reports the RateName, RaterType, Description fields are blank.





When trying to generate a chargeback report for some virtual machines, the chargeback calculation fails and the columns like RateName, RaterType, and Description are returned blank. This can occur when the host virtual server (for the VM's) has not been inventoried. The calculation fails because the type of allocation being used requires the information from the parent host, which is not inventoried. The report shows empty columns however if you change the counter to uptime (where parent information is not required) the report generates successfully.

To resolve this issue inventory the host virtual server along with the Virtual machines which are to be included in the report.