PowerRecon 3.x install using SQL 2000/2005 fails with "The Installer returned error code 1603"

  • 7920976
  • 05-Sep-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


PowerRecon 3.0 and higher



When installing PowerRecon 3.x with an SQL 2000/2005 server, the installation completes with the error:  The Installer returned error code 1603.

Within the PowerRecon_30_CustomActions.log file you see the following error:

Installing platespin_powerrecon_30_sdk_30 database
Failed to create platespin_powerrecon_30_sdk_30 database
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid object name 'sysdatabases'.

This error occurs when the account being used to connect to the SQL databases does not have ‘master’ as the default database.



To resolve this error, the following steps are required:

1.       Install SQL Management Studio Express or similar SQL Management tool.
2.       Open the Management tool, browse to Security à Logins
3.       Right-click on the account being used to connect to SQL and select ‘Properties’
4.       Ensure that the Default Database is set to ‘master’
5.       Retry the installation.

*NOTE - A failed initial installation will result with databases being created in SQL, if asked to keep these empty databases when retrying the install, select 'No'.