How to transfer workload licenses

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  • 09-May-2007
  • 24-Oct-2013


PlateSpin Migrate


It is possible for administrators to transfer assigned workloads licenses back into the Migrate license pool.  This should only be done if a workload is being decommissioned.


In order to transfer a workload follow these steps:

1. In the Migrate client go to Tools -> License Manager
2. Click on the Workload Designations tab
3. Select one of the workloads that needs to be transferred (typically these will appear as Unknown) and click Transfer Selected Workload
4. In the GUI that pops up there is a URL.  Navigate to that web site, either on the PlateSpin server (if there is internet connectivity) or on an internet-capable machine.
5. Log into the Entitlement Manager using valid NCC credentials.  If you do not have a Novell User Account, you can create one from the Login page.
6. Paste the workload ID from the workload transfer GUI
7. Copy the transfer code
8. In the workload transfer GUI, paste the transfer code and click Next to complete the workload transfer.

Additional Information

There is a limit to the number of transfers that can occur, set at a 1:1 ratio in relation to the number of workloads available.  This means if the license has 5 total workloads then only 5 transfers can be done over the life of that license.