Using Recon with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

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  • 05-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Recon 3.0 and higher


This article provides information on how to use PlateSpin Recon with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005


The following steps are required in order to use PlateSpin Recon with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM)

  1. Install PlateSpin Management Pack

    -Download the PlateSpin Management Pack by clicking here(i.e. "PlateSpin Windows Performance Monitoring.akm" and readme.txt in a zip file - )
    -Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, and then click Administrator Console
    -In the MOM 2005 Administrator Console, locate the Console Root, and then expand Microsoft Operations Manager
    -Right–click Management Packs, and then select Import/Export Management Pack. The Management Pack Import/Export
    Wizard opens
    -In the Management Pack Import/Export Wizard, on the Welcome page, click Next
    -On the Import or Export Management Packs page, verify that Import Management Packs and/or reports is selected,
    and then click Next
    -On the Select a Folder and Choose Import Type page, click Browse to locate the folder in which you have saved
    "PlateSpin Windows Performance Monitoring.akm"
    -Under Type of Import, select Import Management Packs and reports, and then click Next
    -On the Select Management Packs page, select "PlateSpin Windows Performance Monitoring.akm", click Next, and then click Finish

  2. Collect data for Recon

    After the PlateSpin Management pack is installed, proceed to collect data using MOM

  3. Create a Recon Site to connect to MOM

    Launch the Recon Client.
    Go to 'Site Manager' and click on the 'New...' button to create a site.
    At the 'Add Site' window, choose 'Type' as 'Remote' and then input the required information.

    NOTE: Ensure that the Database Credentials for MOM have been saved. Open the drop-down menu and select ''. At the 'Create Stored Credentials' window, choose 'Other' as 'Format' and then fill in the fields.
    Click on the 'Test Connection' button to verify that the credentials have been entered correctly.

  4. Inventory the machines in Recon

    In the Site Manager, right-click on the MOM site that was created and choose 'Discover Machines...'.
    If the connection to MOM is properly established, a list of groups will be displayed. The groups with the 'PS' prefix are PlateSpin.
    Select the desired machines from the PS groups and use the proper credentials to discover/inventory them.

  5. Synchronize data

    After the machine(s) are successfully inventoried in Recon, right-click on the MOM site that was created in the 'Site Manager' and choose 'Synchronize Data...'

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