Recoverable Error: ControllerConnectionBroken during Discovery

  • 7920894
  • 28-Mar-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Migrate


When attempting to discover a Workload, the job enters a Recoverable Error state with the following message:
Recoverable Error: ControllerConnectionBroken


To resolve this issue the PlateSpin Migrate server's controller must be restarted with fresh logs:

1. Close the PlateSpin Migrate client
2. Stop the PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller service
3. Delete all files located in the ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Controller\EventLog folder
4. Start the PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller Service
5. After a few minutes, the discovery job should progress on its own.  If not: abort the discovery job, complete steps 1-4 again, and attempt to discover the workload.


This issue is caused by a break in the connection to the PlateSpin Migrate server's controller. 

Additional Information

Restarting the PlateSpin Migrate server's controller is typically enough to resolve any connection breaks.  If the issue persists after following the above steps, however, contact support and provide the following information:
- Diagnostics of the discovery job
- All files in the ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Controller\EventLog folder, if the files are above 0KB in size
- The Application, System, and PlateSpin event logs from the PlateSpin Migrate server, in .evt or .evtx format