PlateSpin License Entitlement Manager

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  • 12-Mar-2007
  • 12-Nov-2019


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Applies to all PlateSpin Versions.


The License Entitlement Manager is a web portal that allows customers to view their orders and manage their Activation codes.


The customer can log into the License Entitlement Manager at:

Note: You will be directed to a Novell Login page in order to access the License Entitlement Manager and you need to have a Novell User Account. Your Novell User Account is different than your PlateSpin User Account. If you do not have a Novell User Account, you can create one from the Login page. Important details on setting up your account are outlined in the attachment.

Viewing Activation Codes for an order:

1. Access the License Entitlement Manager Web portal

2. In the Order ID Drop down list, choose the order you wish to view

3. All the Activation codes associated with this order will be listed on the Web portal.

4. Any Activation codes that have been already activated will be listed along with the Hardware Tag and License quantity.

5. The user can download the Activation codes directly from the Web portal.

6. If desired, the user can add notes to each Activation Code.

License Splitting Workflow:

Important Note: A user can ONLY split a license prior to activating their PlateSpin product. If an Activation Code has already been used, the user will no longer be able to split off any licenses. Create a Service Request in customer center requesting activation code be reset  to allow split.

The ability to split a large Activation code into smaller licenses is especially useful for customer that are not sure how to spread their licenses across their network at the time of order.

To split the license:

1. Access the order ID of the Activation Code you wish to split.

2. The Activation Codes associated with that order will be listed out. If you are able to Split an Activation Code, there will be a "Split" option under the "Actions" header. You will see how many Activation codes you have available under the "Qty" header.

3. Click on the "Split" action

4. Another table will appear listing the Attribute that you will split the activations across (ex: Number of Conversions, or Number of Workloads). It will give you the current quantity that you have available to split on also.

5. Type in the Quantity of Activations you wish to withdraw inside the "New" field and click "Update"

6. You will have a summary of the changes listed. To finalize this withdrawal, click "Generate New License".

7. Your new split Activation Code will appear in the main list. You can use this new Activation Code to activate your product.