Discovered machine does not appear in the PowerConvert UI

  • 7920794
  • 07-Sep-2006
  • 01-Aug-2017


PlateSpin Migrate
PlateSpin Protect



After successfully performing a discovery or conversion, the server that was being discovered or the migrated target virtual machine does not appear in the PlateSpin Client UI even after performing a refresh.



This behavior will typically occur if a user has discovered two or more machines that have the same hostname. For example:

  1. The user has discovered two or more VMware Infrastructure 3 servers where each has been left with the default "localhost" as it's hostname
  2. The user has performed a conversion where the target virtual machine resides on an internal network and the source machine is still left online on a different network, and the user then discovers server details for the target machine

To prevent this issue from occurring, please ensure that each discovered server contains a unique hostname. If the machines have already been discovered, then the following steps are advised:

  1. Undiscover the server that is displayed in the PlateSpin Client UI
  2. Close the PlateSpin Client
  3. Re-start the PlateSpin Client. The other discovered server with the same hostname should now be listed in the UI.
  4. Provide a unique hostname for the server that was undiscovered in step 1
  5. Re-discover the renamed server