Access denied. The root credentials provided cannot be used to connect to the server [MACHINE]

  • 7920776
  • 27-Jul-2006
  • 18-Aug-2016


PlateSpin Migrate and PlateSpin Protect in conjunction with Linux or ESX servers.


When attempting to discover/undiscover/delete/provide credentials for a conversion for a Linux server, Solaris server, or VMware ESX Server/VMware Infrastructure 3 target host, the following error appears:

Access denied. The root credentials provided cannot be used to connect to the server [MACHINE].
Please ensure that the password is correct, and that root has not been blocked from using SSH.

The above error will occur if the root account specified does not have SSH access to the Linux Server or VMware ESX Server/VMware Infrastructure 3 target virtual host.



To resolve the issue, please verify that the root account has SSH access to the server with your Linux or VMware administrator.

NOTE:  ForVMware Infrastructure 3 - although a user may connect to the server using the Virtual Infrastructure 3 Client using the root account - by default SSH access for the root account is blocked.  For instructions on how to enable SSH root logins on VMware Infrastructure 3, please see the following VMware KB article:,%20KB%20Article