Service Unavailable error

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  • 11-Jul-2006
  • 02-Mar-2018


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The following error message may appear when accessing the websites hosted with Internet Information Services.

Service Unavailable

After installing Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows 2003 Server and trying to access the default website you receive the error “Service Unavailable” in Internet Explorer.

This issue can occur if you have installed IIS using Windows 2003 RTM media on a Windows 2003 SP1 system.



Solution: Uninstall IIS and reinstall IIS using Service Pack 1 media


Step 1: Go to Add/Remove programs in control panel and then click on Add/Remove Windows Components
Step 2: Remove the check mark from Application Server and then click next.
Step 3: Back in Add/Remove Programs click Add/Remove Windows Components.
Step 4: check “Application Server” and then click details
Step 5: check that ASP.NET is selected and click next


You must have either a Windows 2003 CD slipstreamed with Service Pack 1 or a directory with the contents of Service Pack 1 extracted.


After the reinstallation of IIS is complete you should now be able to access the default website and view the “Under Construction” page displayed by IIS.


You will need to reinstall .NET 2.0 after reinstalling IIS on the system.