What does PowerRecon require in order to add a server to its inventory?

  • 7920729
  • 19-Jun-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


This article discusses the requirements (on target servers) for PowerRecon's inventory. Before inventorying a server please ensure the operating system is supported by PowerRecon 2 – visit TID 7920708 for more details

Applies to: PowerRecon v2.0 and higher


Windows requirements:
  1. Ensure that Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is installed and that the service is running (on both the machine being added and the PowerRecon Server)  -  If you are experiencing problems discovering a Windows NT 4.0 Server, ensure that the Server service is running and the latest WMI core version is installed (See the link below to download WMI Core V1.5 from Microsoft's web site )
  2. Ensure that DCOM is enabled (Please see TID 7920525 for more details)
  3. Ensure that the RPC service is running (on both the machine being added and the PowerRecon Server)
  4. Ensure that the Remote registry service is running (Please see TID 7920526 for more details)
  5. Ensure that File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is installed and enabled on the machine being added
  6. Ensure that the administrative shares Admin$ and C$ on the source server are accessible from the PowerRecon Server
  7. Use either local Admin credentials or Domain Admin credentials for inventory (use the following syntaxes: hostname\LocalAdmin and domain\DomainAdmin)

Linux and ESX requirements:

  1. Ensure that SSH is running and accessible
  2. Use root credentials for inventory