Recon returns an "Access Denied" error during the inventory process

  • 7920725
  • 16-Jun-2006
  • 16-May-2012


This article provides information on troubleshooting Access Denied errors that occur when a server is being inventoried in Platespin Recon.


During the inventory process, PowerRecon uses the credentials provided to connect to a server and access information on that server.  An access denied error can occur because of the following:

  • Incorrect domain credentials.  Please verify the username and password in use. This may be done by connecting using wbemtest as described in the article TID 7920525 or by logging onto the server.
  • If going through a firewall, please see TID 7920571.
  • Incorrect privileges for credentials provided.   The credentials must have administrator level privileges. Ensure the user account has administrator privileges on the server in question. This may be by belonging to the Domain Admins group, by belonging to a group that is a member of the local administrators group of the server, or by directly belonging to the local administrators group of the server.  Please see article TID 7920726 for a description of the best practices for setting up an administrator level user account for use with Recon.
  •  The user account is set to change the password at the next logon. Ensure this option is not set in the user account.
  • The password has expired. Check if the server can be access by other means, i.e. via wbemtest as described in article TID 7920525 or by logging onto the server. If the password has expired, reset the password and try again using the new password.
  • The user account is set to use a smart card for interactive logon.  Either change the account to not require a smart card, or use an account that does not have a smart card.  
  • The account has the 'Account is sensitive and cannot be delegated' option checked. Either change the account in use or deselect this item.
  • The net logon service is not started.  Start the net logon service. If the subsequent attempt returns a “Specified network name is no longer available” wait a few moments and try again.


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