How to remove the OFXRAMDISK entry from linux server boot process

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  • 19-Jan-2006
  • 01-Aug-2017


Applies to: PowerConvert v5.0 and higher



The following article discusses the procedures of removing the OFXRAMDISK entry (PlateSpin Take Control OS for Linux servers) from showing up during the Linux server boot process.



PowerConvert will always remove the OFXRAMDSIK entry from the Linux grub (or lilo) file after conversions but in some cases when the OFXRAMDISK OS failed to load the grub file will not be modified back to its original state and PlateSpin Take Control OS will show up during the Linux server boot. In order to remove the OFXRAMDISK from the boot selection you will need to restore the original grub file as per the following:

For linux servers with grub:

  1. Login to the linux server as root
  2. cd to /boot/grub (or to the location where you grub file is located)
  3. During take control, the original grub configuration file was backed up to, rename the currentgrub.conf to grun.old and then rename the file grub.conf.backup.ofx to grub.conf
  4. Reboot the server to confirm the OFXRAMDISK is no longer showing up during the boot process

For linux servers with lilo:

  1. Login to the linux server as root
  2. Run the command: /sbin/lilo