How to manually deploy the WinPE folder (i386) to source machines

  • 7920437
  • 01-Dec-2005
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin PortabilitySuite, Migrate and Protect 


The following knowledge-base article discusses the procedures required for manual deployment of the WinPE folder from the PlateSpin Server to the source machine.

These procedures should only be performed if directed by PlateSpin support to overcome slow transfer rate between the PlateSpin Server and the source machine.

Disclaimer: Editing web.config will cause PlateSpin Server not to overwrite the i386 folder if it exists on the source server. If you wish to deploy an updated Take Control package (new drivers, or Full Duplex change) to the source the web.config must be edited back to its original state or manually delete the i386 Folder from the source. You must let the PlateSpin Server copy the i386 folder to source during the job.  


On the PlateSpin server, browse to following folder:

"\PlateSpin <PortabilitySuite\Migrate\Protect> Server\Controller\packages\0\5D55335D-B21B-4ee8-83B9-76017646FC80\1\"

  • Copy the i386 folder to the source server boot drive (.e.g. \\sourceserver\C$ -  assuming C drive is the boot drive)
  • On the PowerConvert server browse to '\Program Files\PlateSpin Portability Suite Server\Web' and using a text editor open the file web.config
Locate the line:

<add key="AlwaysOverwriteTakeControlImage" value="true" />

And change its value to “false” (as below):

<add key="AlwaysOverwriteTakeControlImage" value="false " />

  • Save and exit the file and run a regular conversion job.

PlateSpin will not deploy a new package to the source server and will only create the required files for WinPE boot (see TID 7920349 for more information).