Requested Registry Access Not Allowed error during discovery

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  • 15-Sep-2005
  • 27-Apr-2012


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When attempting to discover a machine with Windows 2000 Server/Windows 2003 Server with SP1, the following error may appear:

Requested Registry Access not allowed



The Remote Registry service MUST be running on the machine that is being discovered.  By default the Remote Registry service runs under the LOCAL SERVICE account.  Therefore, the LOCAL SERVICE account will need read permissions to the following registry key on the machine that PowerConvert is attempting to discover:


For more details regarding this, please see the link below to the following Microsoft article entitled "Can't access Remote Registry Service after upgrading to Windows 2003"

In addition, if you are attempting to discover a Windows 2003 Small Business Server, the following steps are also recommended:

  1. Run regedt32
  2. Locate the following registry key:


  3. Remove the SYSTEM account from having access to this key.  If the SYSTEM account is not removed, the system will overwrite any additional permissions set on this particular registry key restoring it to the original level of access which by default is SYSTEM only.
  4. Provide the LOCAL SERVICE account with READ access


The above solution applies to Windows 2003 target servers, if the target server is Windows 2000 server please perform the following:

  1. On the PowerConvert server go to Start | Run and type services.msc
  2. Locate the service "PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller service" and stop it
  3. Click Properties and click on the Log-On tab
  4. Change the user from __PlateSpin to the local Administrator account or Domain Admin account and its password
  5. Start the service and discover the Windows 2000 server again


If error continues to appear after trying the above suggestions, please follow the steps below to further troubleshoot the error:

  1. Launch the Local Security Policy console on the server that PowerConvert had failed to discover
  2. Go to Local Policies -> Audit Policy
  3. Ensure that "Audit Logon events" and "Audit Object Access" are set to audit failures
  4. Apply the changes
  5. Retry the discovery and when the error re-occurs, check the Event logs of the server that failed to discover
    and make the appropriate permissions change(s) as necessary