Installing the VMware Server VmCOM API

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  • 08-Jul-2005
  • 27-Apr-2012


This article outlines how to install the VMcom API on the PlateSpin Migrate or Protect server.  This API is necessary in order to discover and convert /VMware Servers.
PlateSpin PowerConvert 5.0.0 (and higher)
PlateSpin Migrate and Protect



Discovery of VMware Server 1.x with PlateSpin Migrate or Protect.


  • The VMware GSX Server/VMware Server Windows Client package installer .exe contains the COM API.  The Windows client package installer is available on both the VMware GSX/VMware Server Windows download pages on VMware's website.  Contact VMware for more information about obtaining the API installer if you can not download it.
  • Another alternative is to download the Windows Client Package installer from the login page of the VMware Management UI.
  • Another alternative is to access the VMware Server/GSX Server (for Windows) and get the installer from C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Management Interface\htdocs\vmware\bin
  • Once the COM API has been obtained, proceed to install it on the PlateSpin server.  You will not be able to discover any VMware GSX/VMware servers until the API is installed on the PlateSpin server.
  • Ensure that the VMcom API is also installed on the target VMWare Server that you are converting to.